• PAIL WITH LID - 10 & 20 gallon

    USAGE: Primary usage as entertainment beverage fermentation pails. Strong secondary appeal as diaper pails, pet food storage bins, and other varied uses where a pail and lid are required. FEATURES:
    • Convenient 45 litre or 90 litre sizes
    • Non-rusting (galvanized) metal handles
    • Pliable plastic to resist denting and cracking
    • 100% recyclable
    • Lids available
    MATERIAL: Food grade linear low density polyethylene DIMENSIONS:
    • 45 litres – 53.5 cm X 38 cm
    • 90 litres – 62 cm X 49 cm
    • 45 litres – 1.8 kg
    • 90 litres – 2.8 kg
    • 45 litres – 105 per pallet
    • 90 litres – 60 per pallet
  • USAGE: Top quality receptacles used by waste and sanitation companies to gather recyclable materials for curbside pick-up. FEATURES:
    • Nestable and can cross stack
    • Containers will nest at a ratio of 6:1
    • 8 drainage holes with channel to contain liquid residue
    • Added structural ribbing in handles
    • Accommodates collection vehicle bracketing device
    • Name and/or logo may be hot stamped on one, two, three or four sides
    • U.V. stabilizer is available to aid in preventing deterioration of plastic
    • 100% recyclable
    MATERIAL: Injection moulded high density polyethylene DIMENSIONS: 57 Litres 53 cm X 39.5 cm X 34.5 cm (OD) 50 cm X 37 cm X 33.5 cm (ID) WEIGHT: 1.7 kg COLOUR: Royal blue or custom colours available upon request SHIPPING: 240 per pallet 6,240 on pallets per 53' trailer
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  • REFUSE CONTAINER - Trashbuster


    USAGE: Quality refuse/recycling container for home, office or school. FEATURES:
    • Space saving design
    • Resists denting and chipping
    • 100% recyclable
    MATERIAL: Injection moulded linear low density polyethylene DIMENSIONS:
    • 26.5 litres
    • 37 cm X 26 cm X 38.5 cm
    WEIGHT: 0.90 kg COLOUR: Black or royal blue. Custom colours available upon request. SHIPPING: 325 per pallet
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