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Berry flat





Standard Berry Flat

• Used in the harvesting, storage, and processing of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries, as well as other smaller fruits and vegetables.

• Available with/without partitions
• Stackable
• Ventilation holes on bottom and sides
• Name and/or logo may be hot stamped on one or both ends
• Partitions are convenient for storing different fruits
• Partitions also prevent bruising (or damage) of delicate fruit during handling, transportation and storage
• Sides and bottom are reinforced for added strength and rigidity
• One piece design corners for durability and easier maintenance
• U.V. stabilizer is available to aid in preventing deterioration of plastic
• Freezer safe
• 100% recyclable

• Food grade high density polyethylene

• 59.69 x 45.72 x 10.16 cm (OD)
   56.50 x 44.45 x 8.25 cm (ID)

• 1 kilogram

Load Capacity
• Up to 9 kilograms

• House colors or custom colors available upon request

berry flat stackedShipping:
• 120 per pallet
• 4,200 nested in 53' trailer

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